Tuesday, 9 August 2011

And So It Goes

Now I am sorry to all those who watch this blog....Which is no one, and to my one commenter, The computers over here refuse to let me comment back to you. I would hate to make anyone feel as ignored and set aside as I have alwas been and continue to be.

On another note, a couple weeks ago I'm sure you heard of the bomb that went off in New York City. The house next door had the foundations damaged and my house shook so hard that well, I legitimately thought there was an earthquake and holed myself up in my bathroom. I didn't come out for a week and I must tell you that the Bathtub is far from comfortable. After finally coming out to see the light of day, and nearly getting lead away in handcuffs because the police actually smashed my door down to drag out the fugitive they thought lived there, I noticed a small and unexplained package in the mail box by the aforementioned door. Taking it out of the brown packaging, I noticed in all my brilliance that it was a note book, or to be more politically correct, a diary/memoir/who really cares about this anyway.

In reading the writing, something remarkable happened....Do you hear me? REMARKABLE!

Who would have thought that something interesting would happen to little, ol' UNREMARKABLE me.

In conclusion to my outburst, someone left me my father's diary. Jacob Timothy Russell, the man I always believed to have left me and my mother for some better family that was less boring, didn't quite leave at all. It's like the world ended and came back in different light, and that's not just because I've taken to having a glass of Rum in the morning instead of the usual coffee, or that I stopped going to work and no one has even remotely noticed any form of absence. It shouldn't affect me so to know that my father died, and left me here with all the love that he could possibly muster and named me after two of his best friends who turned into his closest family and now some horrible, inescapable, oddity is after my life....okay, maybe the last bit should but that's not my point.

I now know I am being hunted, but by what I can't tell you, and I hardly know how to describe what this Tall, Dark, and Slender guy is all about. Still, all I really do understand is that I'm supposed to watch my back and be afraid of the shadows in the corner of my eye.....I wonder how all this will turn out.

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