Thursday, 18 August 2011

It's A New Day

It's a new dawn and I find myself admiring the sun through my bedroom window in my rum induced stupor. It's nice to feel good after all that's been happening. My new best friends are named Bacardi and Coke, but I couldn't bring my self to really care about that, and the sad fact that brings about. I pulled out the CD's and just wallowed in my own pitiful-ness, watching as the hoodie clad things surrounded my house, lurking outside the doors and the windows, waiting for me to show my face, but I wasn't about to give them the satisfaction. I lit the candles, listened to Barry White, and sat in front of the fireplace all night long, singing along to my favourite songs.

Then I had to wake up from my pleasant dream because hell just isn't going to leave you alone when you find yourself smack dab in the middle of the flames, and I literally mean flames. Some retarded Hobo found it fit to start a fire in an abandoned house two doors down from mine, and I suppose it was probably to keep warm for the night, but the problem is that the whole structure was made of wood. Talk about trying to smoke someone out. This intrusion into my farce of normalcy was unwelcomed and I promptly walked upstairs to my room and threw my security blanket over my head. This action was accompanied by my screaming, and the sentence "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING". Rest assured that it was actually happening but I refused to leave my smoke encrusted house and now everything smells like fire and burning, but thems the breaks.

I don't see why I put this humiliating stuff on the internet anymore, other than the fact that I believe this is entertaining, and perhaps it will make one or two people laugh. I shall continue this waste of effort simply for the fact that, I really have nothing better to do. Hiding in my house and crying myself to sleep, clutching my trusty rum bottle to my chest is well and good, but in the end, I think it might be nice to have some friends.

 but what if I can't make friends?

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