Sunday, 13 November 2011

That's It, I'm Moving

Okay guys, this is it. I am fed up with all this Slender shit that is going on outside my house, and in my neighbourhood. It's been around a month since I last posted here, and I am very sorry for that, but quite honestly  you wouldn't have posted either if you had been here. To be honest, it's not because I'm scared, though I am. I just need a new place to think and rest

This all started on a sunny Sunday, like any other, except that I decided I would go to church. Why not go to Church and perhaps pray for my survival from all of this. I felt silly in my suit and tie, sitting among people with a similar purpose, but no concept of why I was really there. Perhaps it was comforting to believe that there was a higher power that could influence my fate, but once again I was the cynic. What did God have to do with any of this? Why would he have such a creature wandering the earth if he was so benevolent and kind and the rest? No, if there is a God, he or she is looking down at all of us and laughing as we struggle through everything that life has to throw at us. As we run from our fears and worries. Well I was tired of running. As I sat in the church, filled with people who praised a unfair and cruel god, I decided to take fate in my own hands.

I walked home instead of driving, my first move as my own man. It was bright, and kind of warm for mid fall. I didn't even need a jacket. As I approached the front of my house, I saw someone in a hoodie leaning against the wall of the house next door. There was no doubt that this was a Proxy, my proxy, due to it's unnatural stillness. There were few options, and I picked the craziest one I could think of. I no longer cared simply about living. To leave this plane would perhaps be a blessing rather than the curse I believed it to be. I made a beeline straight to my Proxy and stared it right in the face. "Hello there." I said with all the confidence I could muster, which was very little because I have no confidence in me. The Proxy stared at me, and said nothing. Quite honestly, I think it was confused at this moment. I decided to carry on, because at that point I had already opened the door, and walking away would just be rude.

"Well...I would like to request that instead of the whole rigmarole of a sham of a chase, you would just kill me now please. My life has no meaning and I would much rather just die without the hassle of having to go elsewhere." I said in a gush of words, that probably just confused the poor creature even further. "Uh...I suppose it is really at your convenience and all..." I trailed off and then the Proxy turned to me, it's voice much higher pitched then I was expecting.

"This is NOT how this is supposed to go!" It railed at me, throwing it's hands up in the air and shouting. "You are supposed to hide and cower and hope..." It yelled and I shrugged. "I was at church" I pointed out, gesturing to my clothes. "Not the point" It continued. "You are supposed to run and I am supposed to chase. You're supposed to be broken and beaten and die all alone, but" and then it stormed off, leaving me to stand in the street alone with everyone staring at me like a mad man.

I must leave you here for now dear readers. It appears the Real Estate Agent is at my door and I have to greet him properly and explain all the damage in the area and how this is a perfectly nice neighbourhood, save for the homicidal maniacs and the Eldritch Abomination that is trying to stalk and kill me. I'm sure that will go over perfectly well and I will find a ready and willing renter who wants such a location while I scurry off to some apartment in a quiet, yet friendly, part of town and wait for this all to blow over. I shall post again a little later friends and fellow...well I suppose you are called Runners, though I have no intention of running, and neither should you.

Stay Safe, what ever your "Safe" is