Thursday, 21 July 2011

Casual Fridays

I have always wondered what "Casual Friday" actually meant, seeing as I haven't had a life coach since my mother died and I don't know what casual clothes really are. I figured it was kind of like a Halloween for office workers, where they dressed up in costumes and tried to impress their bosses with their creativity. Perhaps I was lucky that no one really noticed what I did until now, or maybe I was just that weird guy that is in every office across our fair country, and everyone talks behind their backs, and keeps them around just to laugh at them standing around the water cooler. Now today of all days I got sent home. Me, the man who has never missed a day of work for his mother dying in the hospital or for the flu that should have had me flat on my back in bed, got sent home.

Now perhaps the gangster costume was a little too much, with my pants at my knees and an over long shirt, but it at least gave me a little bit of personality for god's sake....not that there is a god (or maybe there is but I'm not one to judge). In any case, my boss showed up at my desk, for the first time in well, since I started, and demanded to know why I was dressed in, I quote, "Such a ridiculous fashion". Now I am polite to the core, and believe me when I say I took no offence to his sharp and offensive tone, and calmly replied, describing all that I knew about the mythical "Casual Friday". Apparently that didn't go over very well...because here I sit at home, after my boss demanded I leave, and not come back until Monday. Well at least I will have a weekend off for once in my life, not that I really ever had to go in on weekends at all.

Now for another question to my adoring non-existent public........

What exactly does one do on weekends? How do you have that thing you call "fun"? Is it like the casual enjoyment you get out of completing a particularly difficult task...or you should be getting out of "Casual Friday" with your obsessed co-workers? I am, in all honesty, confused and upset by this conundrum that seems to want to tear the fragile balance I have created with my own brain to keep me somewhat, I suppose the word is, sane. If anyone would like to give me the answer, then I would be in your debt... figuratively of course, seeing as the unremarkable me has nothing to give to anyone or anything.

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  1. Maybe the problem is that you were dressed for Casual Friday on a Thursday?
    Don't ask me about fun, though. I don't know much more than you do.