Wednesday, 13 July 2011

This is me

Well I think the title of this post and of my entire blog says it all. I am Joseph Michael Russell, but if you call me that I may just have to break your legs, so just call me Russell, not Russ, or Joe, or anything else for that matter. I am your totally normal kind of guy, with a house and a car that blend in with every other house and car on my street, and I've been working and living in the same place since I graduated college last year. I grew up in a broken family with only my mother, and no other relatives, which is the only odd thing about me I guess you could say, and as for my dad....well we don't really talk about the dead beat. Probably went off and, oh I don't know, traded up for a better looking wife and better behaved kid, and left the test run behind. In any case, everything about me is unremarkable, nothing is special at all....not one thing makes me different from that guy you pass on the street and think, "that stiff/loser/waste of space never has any fun at all". In fact, I am that stiff/loser/waste of space because I never do have fun, I never go out, and I certainly don't have any friends.

"So why start a blog?" you may be asking, because someone like me doesn't seem to have a very interesting life to tell you all about, or even something relevant to say to the world at large, but, you see, I feel I am such a perfect specimen of mediocrity, that perhaps the world should know about someone like me and what I do in my overly normal day to day life. In any case, I am totally unremarkable, perfectly normal, and I highly doubt that anything amazing will ever happen in my lifetime. Call me a pessimist if you'd like, but I prefer to be called a realist.

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